What's Next For Jack Harlow?

When we talk about gaining popularity in the music industry, there’s more to the game than just the music itself. In a world driven by social image, branding yourself while standing out as an individual can equate to a hell of a lot more money, not to mention opportunities. Louisville native Jack Harlow has quickly ascended to the top of the rap game after his hit single ‘What’s Poppin’ skyrocketed him into stardom in early 2020. Wrapping up the year with the successful release of his sixth project ‘That’s What They All Say’ Jack was able to put the game on notice, doing so by accumulating 51k sales in just his first week. With this release being his first while under the spotlight, this opened many doors and opportunities for the Louisville rapper.

With the NBA All-Star weekend coming to a close, fans were given an opportunity to see some of their favourite artists compete in this year’s Bleacher Report #OpenRun, 2v2 basketball game. Jack would pair up with Quavo of the Migos, and square off against 2 Chainz and Lil Baby. After a lengthy game to 21, Jack and Quavo were able to run away with the W, purse of 1 million dollars cash and bragging rights. Holding his head high from the big win over the weekend, Jack already had plans for the upcoming week. Today Jack premiered a new music video for his song ‘Already Best Friends’ featuring Chris Brown. This premier follows another music video for ‘Route 66’ which was released early this month.

While Jack’s work ethic is something to be envied, his let’s say “comedic” side is something that’s also allowed him to gain popularity among fans. While steadily clowning around on instagram, acting super sus during interviews, and acting out sketches with his comedic accomplice Druski, Jack has become one of the most relatable people in music. His attitude and how he’s learned to approach the media, is just real, and real is what people want in their favourite artist. Being someone that’s down to earth allows for so many more opportunities, especially collaborations. Recently speculations of a feature on Drake’s upcoming album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ have been circulating. These theories further Jack’s fans excitement. Everyone's waiting to see what’s in store for Kentucky’s golden boy, as the year of 2021 is still young.

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