Tory Lanez, Meg Thee Stallion & Cancel Culture

I want the reader of today’s piece to use this time to sit back and dig into their imagination. Imagine yourself as an upcoming rap artist. I want you to imagine building your career for over a decade, a career that was founded on selling your demo tapes outside of your local mall. Imagine grinding days and nights away in the studio, a time when no one listened to your best songs, for years, just to finally make it happen. Imagine building a reputation as one of the best artists in today’s music industry. Not only can you rap, but you can sing your damn ass off too. Now I want you to imagine, having that reputation stripped away from you. What if I told you, it would all be taken away from you. All of that work, potentially gone, over an accusation. An accusation that you haven’t even been proven guilty of yet, before you even had your day in court, imagine that. Well, imagine no further and look everyone, this is what’s happening to Tory Lanez.

Let me first start off by saying, I have zero opinion on this topic. I don't believe either side, strictly because I do not play that "he said, she said" game. I form an opinion based on facts. Now I’m assuming, you have a social media account, you must if you’ve had the chance to familiarize yourself with this blog. You also have then become at least a little bit informed or have formed an opinion yourself about the Tory Lanez vs Meg Thee Stallion situation. Let me make myself clear, I’m not here to educate you on, the what, the where, the why, and I’m for sure not here to tell you who to believe. My only hope is to bring some common sense to this situation.

While the rest of the world burns itself to the ground, some of the last true forms of expression have been vital in keeping the morale up in everyday life. In a time where people take to twitter, a blog (such as this one) or other social media platforms to let their energy and opinions out, musician’s do the same. The difference is these artists do so, using the only form of expression they know, their music. Tory released his new album “Daystar” only five days ago. Following the situation with Meg, the Toronto native has been in hiatus for some time now, until recently. September 25th Tory decided to break the silence and address all accusations through his music. Even though it took Tory some time to address everything, it just might have been worth the wait.

WELL, the internet exploded, as we expected. When I say exploded, I mean in anger of course. Now, let me ask you the reader, would you expect me, a writer, to hop on an instrumental, and deliver this opinion based piece to you through a microphone? No, same ways I wouldn’t expect Tory to write a 700 word letter to fans on what happened and how he was feeling through the entire situation. Therefore, you see my point. Sadly the internet didn’t have that opinion and decided it was time to run a smear campaign on Tory, yet again. The album was given absolutely zero playlisting, zero promotion by any major platform and was critiqued heavily by people and outlets that don’t even listen to or cover hip-hop.

The world we live in today is far from perfect. Injustices everywhere we look, pandemics, lockdowns, wildfires, “re-education” camps, and on top of all of that, cancel culture. People are so quick to form an opinion, not just an opinion but a BIAS. One sided stories are becoming the new normal, honestly I’m not here for it and you shouldn’t be either. I’m not saying I believe either side of this almost Hollywood movie like tale, but there’s one thing I know, everyone deserves their day in court. Without proof of a situation, all these blogs and music outlets cancelling Tory with no credible back up, should be ashamed of themselves. Let the facts come, the truth will always make its way to the forefront.

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