The impact of Mac Miller

Updated: Jan 5

In the world of music, especially in the digital age we have entered, generational talent seems harder to come by. With streaming becoming the new norm, the over saturation of sub par music is filling the industry, especially in hip-hop. With new artists entering the rap game everyday, the world of hip-hop seems to be more divided than ever when it comes to choosing a favourite artist. Yes we have had the ups and downs, the booms and busts of artists when it comes to popularity, but where are the rappers who have been cherished since day one, yet still have an upstanding career now.

When Malcolm McCormick also known as hip-hop’s favourite new white boy, Mac Miller, first hopped into the eyes mainstream’s listeners, it was only 2011. Mac would appear on XXL’s infamous ‘Freshman’ cover, along side some now legends such as; Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, YG and more. As a baby faced white kid at only 19 years of age, Mac had already had a chart topping debut album with ‘Best Day Ever’ with the ever so popular, ‘Donald Trump’ as his leading single. This new found fame, brought fourth an unprecedented amount of fans that the Pittsburgh native had only dreamed of. Mac’s fanbase was unlike any other. The positivity that the young artist brought with his music, translated into a peaceful, but cult like fan base known as ‘Most Dope’. ‘Most Dope’ turned his music into something that the hip-hop world (from my experience) had never seen before. It was tremendously positive, fans would help other fans, concerts were like family gatherings and the patented ‘Thumbs Up’ that Mac would throw up in every video or concert, became like a handshake when meeting new fans. The stigma behind mental health was completely off the table when meeting fans of Mac’s Music, because everyone could relate to another’s struggle.

When Mac started to take a slow turn towards drugs, many fans (such as myself) were caught off guard. This increased especially when his lyrics took a dive from the ever positive songs we had come to know, to more of a somber approach to life and the tribulations that come with it. Yet, the fans stuck by their golden boy, and were even more supportive because that’s just how it worked. The unbelievable lifestyle of a musician is something only musicians would understand, so fans weren’t judgemental, just more so worried as they watched from the sidelines.

Sadly, this worry carried by many, was well warranted. The rapper would become visibly bothered. Over time the concerts became very emotional as the drugs were easily identifiable in his music and mannerisms. After a rough break up with pop star Ariana Grande, Mac would eventually fall deeper into the rabbit hole. With some brightness shining every now and then, fans became hopeful. This hope was horrifically brought to an end when the 26 year old was found dead in his LA home from an accidental overdose.

Mac’s death would bring an absolute stand still to the music industry, especially to his fans. The world of music mourned the loss of a generational talent, with an entire life ahead of him. By the age of 26, Mac had released a massive discography of over 10 projects, traveled the world doing shows, interviews, guest appearances, all while making sure to interact with his loving fan base. In present day, it has now been over two years since the music world lost Mac Miller, but his music and fan base is still continuing to touch the hearts of many. When Mac received a nomination for ‘Best Rap Album’ at the 2018 grammy’s, fans rejoiced. The love that is carried through Mac’s music, and his generational, once in a life time talent, lives on forever.

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