Pluto x Baby Pluto

2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster of a year, with the ongoing pandemic changing the world as know it, music seems to be the one thing that has been key in staying positive during these strange times. With lockdowns around every corner this has forces artists to focus on the recording and streaming side of the industry rather than focusing on the tour life, thus bringing forward more releases than ever before.

Right before the lockdowns started, the most highly anticipated album of 2020 was released in early march. Lil Uzi’s Eternal Atake, was released March 6th after literal years of anticipation, label battles and much more drama behind the scenes. The 18 track album took digital streaming platforms by storm and literally crashed Spotify on release day. With such anticipation it was only expected that the album would sell nearly 300 thousand units in the first week, with 400 million US streams in the very first week.

After taking such a break between releases, fans were glued to their headphones upon the release of Eternal Atake. Although the album was plentiful and also paired with a deluxe release with bonus tracks, Uzi fans were left wanting more, as per usual. Anyone that knows Lil Uzi knows he stays working on new music around the clock and after releasing snippet after snippet, fans were left to their imagination to when the next project would come, but no one would guess it would come in the same year. On November 13, 2020 at midnight, the new release would finally come. Lil Uzi paired up with legendary artist Future on a 16 track collaboration album; Pluto x Baby Pluto. Social media was set on fire yet again as fans rushed to their listening devices to have a listen to the new project After only two days, Pluto x Baby Pluto is already on pace to sell 120k units in the very first week.

Although the release was popular, many critics took to social media to share their skepticism of the quality of the project. It’s no secret that collaboration projects are very hit or miss. Sometimes the anticipation of such a big link up can lead to disappointment among fans. After several listens, I have to say this is not the case. The production alone on the project is enough of a reason to download. The chemistry between the pair is so natural, the wordplay and individual approach to every song is very complimentary. Future’s raspy, melodic verses pair so well with Uzi’s high pitch harmonizations. The pair are obviously friends which makes this release so much fun. From beginning to end, the album is SOLID, personally I also have to add that the track ‘Drankin N Smokin’ takes the cake as the hidden gem on this project.

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