Central Cee - Your Favourite UK Rapper

Living in a digital age, a rise to fame has become something that can occur overnight. A viral music video, a popular freestyle, a song with a ONE catchy bar, all things that can bring an artist from the bottom, to the top, overnight. This is a dream for most and sadly not a reality for many that have made their way into the game. The pursuit of greatness and perfection can become detrimental to an artist’s career, as nothing will ever be good enough. Although, the pursuit of perfection can also allow for one of the greatest takeovers in history.

Let’s all do ourselves a favour, open YouTube, type Central Cee into your search bar, sit back, and have a listen. When first listening to Cench, your first impression might be similar to mine, hard lyrics that tell a story, top tier fashion, good production, and even better videos. The impression that stuck in my mind when first stumbling upon Cench was that everything seemed so well calculated. The colour patterns in the videos, the setting matched the bars, the image was everything. When speaking of chasing perfection, think of Central Cee. Although the latest songs in his catalogue have recently taken the UK scene by storm, his journey to get here, started long ago.

Earlier this year Cench posted a screenshot to his instagram story. The screenshot was a DM to the massive media outlet, Grime Daily. The message read “Yoo g I got real heat hit me up asap”, this message was sent in 2014, 7 years ago! After diving back into some of his older music, including his ‘Street Heat’ freestyle with LinkUpTv in 2015, it was apparent the West London native hadn’t quite found his sound yet. While Cench did have a following, pulling in thousands of views on many of his releases including ‘Pull Up’ in 2016, being pretty good, wasn’t good enough for him. Release after release, no matter how many views they received, Cench continued to adapt and push harder. “You Can’t Rush Greatness” is a quote from his 2020 ‘Mad About Bars’ freestyle, that currently boasts almost 4 million views. While the West London rapper first tried to reach out to grime daily 7 years ago, his new song “Loading” uploaded to the Grime Daily youtube channel, is currently at 24 million views.

Currently Cee’s fans are literally on stand by, as his long anticipated album ‘Wild West’ releases at midnight tonight. Earlier today, Cench decided to allow one more teaser for the project. Coming with a new video for the song ‘6 for 6’, pushing 200k views hours after release. The satisfaction for finally being recognized as one of the hardest artists in the UK, has got to feel surreal for someone that’s been grinding for so many years. As midnight approaches and ‘Wild West’ is set to drop, fans are excited and honestly, we couldn’t be happier for Central Cee.

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